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In 1949, the Italian Luigino Burigotto landed in Brazil with his plans and dreams for the production of high quality baby strollers. In 1955 the Burigotto company was already established  in the city of Limeira, in the state of São Paulo, from where its products were sent by train to various parts of the country. A brand that would become a reference in products for babies and children throughout Brazil was born.

In 2001 Burigotto was acquired by the Italian group Peg Perego, founded in 1949 by Giuseppe Perego. are virtually present in all the markets in the world. Burigotto has never stopped growing. Today it occupies an area of 36.000 square meters, with modern industrial facilities and with a large network of national and international distributors.

Burigotto has never stopped growing and continues to develop  its products for the well-being, safety and comfort of children, always respecting the tradition for quality- From our big family in the world to yours.

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